ALL in One Powerwall 51V 16S 300Ah LiFePO4 Battery Pack 15KWh Power ESS Buitl-in BMS and Inverter MPPT CAN RS485 EU US Tax Free


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1. If the customer can not make payment due to the limit of the bank card, please contact us to make payment by multiple orders.

2. If the Australian customer encounters error code: CSC_7200015 when making payment, please try to make payment again or change the payment method, and please contact us.


1. This battery is transported to the EU and the US without the customer paying tariffs.

2. Customers in the EU do not need to pay VAT.

3. Because it is a super large product and super power battery, our transportation will arrive at the destination port by sea and then be transported to the customer’s location by truck.

It takes about 45 days to deliver.

4. European islands don’t support delivery.


Solar Charge Type: MPPT

Maximum Output Power: 4200W

PV Charging Current Range: 0〜50A

PV Operating Voltage Range: 60〜145V

MPPT Voltage Range: 60〜145V


Maximum Charge Power: 3150W

AC Charging Current Range: 0〜60A

Rated Input Voltage: 220/230Vac

Input Voltage Range: (170Vac~280Vac) ±2%/(90Vac-280Vac)±2%


Rated Output Power: 5000W

Maximum Peak Power: 5.76KVA

Rated Output Voltage (Vac): 230Vac

Frequency: 50Hz

Auto Switch Period: <15ms

THD: <3%

Product Specification(Battery)

Nominal voltage : 51.2V(16S)

Nominal capacity : 304Ah@0.2C

Battery power : 15565Wh

Internal resistance: ≤100mΩ

Cycle life: 6000times

Self discharge: ≤3.5%(every month@25°C)

Charging voltage: 51.2-58.4V

Charging cut-off voltage: 58.4V

Standard discharge current:: 40A

Maximum sustained discharge:200A

Maximum pulse current: 300A(<30S)

Standard charging current: 40A

Maximum continuous charging current 200A

Maximum discharge power: 5000W

Charging temperature :0°C to 45°C

Discharge temperature: -20°C to 60°C

Dustproof and waterproof rating: IP55

Shell material: SPCC

Size: 520x300x1005mm

Weight: 187.5KG

Packing weight: 203KG

Communication: RS485/CAN/RS232/WIFI

Packing list: screws, parallel power cable, mechanical support. Battery pack

Warrantty: 10 years Life, 7 years Warranty AH


1,Do not immerse the battery in water or allow it to get wet.

2.Do not use or store the battery where is exposed to extremely hot.

3.Do not use battery in the strong electrostatic and magnetic field, otherwise probably the battery safety.

4.Do not reverse the positive (+) and negative (-) terminals,prevent reverse connection.

5.Charge with specified charge according to charging requirement.

6. Please use the connection between inverter and MPPT correctly. If there is any technical problem, please contact Tewaycell in time, 24 hours online.

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